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What Causes Cancer?

Amongst all diseases, cancer is part of a complex group and is a disease that cannot be cured easily especially when it is in the last stage. What causes cancer? Cancer is caused due to many factors like exposure to environment, tobacco consumption, lack of physical activity, improper diet and also exposure to radiation and various chemicals. The medical term used for cancer is malignant neoplasm. In this disease a cell group grows uncontrollably and also invades other tissues and destroys them. Via the lymphatic system the tumor cells spread to the other areas of the body.

Cancer could be hereditary:

Tumor cells can also affect the other parts of the body when they flow through the bloodstream. Benign tumors are very different from malignant tumors. Benign tumors do not grow at uncontrollable speeds but invade just the local area of the body. What causes cancer? Cancer is caused by two different reasons according to researchers. Environment is one of the causes and the other is genetic. In some individuals cancer is considered to be hereditary in nature and such individuals need to go for regular checkups to get themselves treated in case a health issue is identified.

Primarily cancer is caused due to environmental factors even if it is influenced by genetics. What causes cancer? Pollutants in the environment, constant use of tobacco, smoking, obesity, lack of physical activity, unhealthy or poor diet, etc are some of the factors that lead to cancer. Cells start growing abnormally due the causative factors. Different kinds of genes, like the tumor suppressor genes and the oncogenes help in regulating the growth of cells in the body which is otherwise a very complex process.

Identifying the real cause is difficult:

When the abnormalities are acquired or hereditary in these regulatory genes, the resultant disease is cancer. What causes cancer? Since there are many causes for cancer it is extremely difficult to identify the real one.

Radiation, air pollution and tobacco

    Cancer of the lungs is caused due to radiation, air pollution and many a time due to tobacco consumption. It is due to this that it is very difficult to determine the real cause.

Environmental disease

    Primarily cancer is termed as an environmental disease due to the large number of cases reported. A lesser percentage of people identified so far as per research, have developed cancer due to genetics.

What causes cancer? Besides pollutants in the environment, reduced physical activity and stress is considered to also be the main cause of cancer. Pathogenesis of cancer can be traced all the way back to mutations in DNA that cause greater impact on the growth of cells and metastasis. Mutagen substances cause mutations in the DNA which in turn cause cancer known as carcinogens. Studies indicate that lung cancer is mainly caused due to cigarette smoking. If cancer is not treated in due time, it can lead to death. It is for this reason a thorough medical check up needs to be conducted once or twice a year at least.