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Uterine Cancer Symptoms

When unnaturally fast growth of cells take place in the uterine area it can lead to uterine cancer. Once uterine cancer symptoms are identified, immediate treatment is recommended which can last for many years in case of advanced cases. Depending upon the part of the body affected, the cancer is named. Uterine cancer starts in the uterus and just as the other cancers spread to the remaining parts of the body.

Endometrial cancer:

In the pelvic region of women is located a pear shaped organ called the uterus. Pelvis is generally the region between the hip bone and the stomach. Another term for the uterus is the womb in which the fetus grows when the woman undergoes pregnancy. Endometrial cancer is also a type of cancer of the uterus. Endometrium is the lining of the uterus. Early identification of this cancer needs to be done for abatement of uterine cancer symptoms and chance of a cure. It is only women who develop the risk of uterine cancer and as the woman advances in age the risk of cancer of the uterus also increases.

Women going through menopause can be the ones most affected by uterine cancer.

Discontinued menstrual cycle

    When menstrual periods get discontinued the chances of cancer of the uterus also increase. Many women all over the world are being diagnosed with cancer that is gynecologic in nature.

Bleeding in the uterus

    Bleeding from the uterus is one of the most common uterine cancer symptoms and this can be experienced in endometrial cancer, especially in its early stages. In women of premenopausal stage, abnormal bleeding can take place and at unusual times. Bleeding from the uterus is abnormal in the postmenopausal women also.

Get effective treatment at the earliest:

Women, who have endometrial cancer, as seen from women who visit the doctor, are at the postmenopausal stage. To get treatment that is effective, it is very necessary to immediately visit the doctor as soon as uterine cancer symptoms like unusual bleeding is experienced. Cervical cancer can be identified by the Pap-smear test which is a specifically designed test. In most cases this test helps in identifying the cancer but in some cases it could miss identifying the cancer.

Besides bleeding in the uterine area it is very difficult to identify any other uterine cancer symptoms. Since there are hardly any warning signs, in most cases the woman reaches an advanced uterine cancer stage. Swelling is seen in the lower stomach area or the abdominal area, severe loss in weight, bloating of the stomach and pain in the pelvic region are some of the significant symptoms experienced in uterine cancer. When the level of estrogen hormone reaches very high levels the chances of occurrence of this cancer are very high. As the woman’s age keeps advancing the risk of developing uterine cancer also develops. It is for this reason that women need to go in for periodic checks without fail. Most hospitals have cancer screening for women to rule out malignancies like uterine and cervical cancer.