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Testicular Cancer Symptoms

In some males the carcinogenic cells start growing in the testicles causing cancer of the testicles or testicular cancer. The cause of this cancer is not known but studies indicate that a large number of men all over the world get affected by testicular cancer. Identifying the testicular cancer symptoms is very necessary and that too at an early stage of the cancer. A large number of males falling in the age group of fifteen to forty years of age suffer from cancer of the testicles as indicated by research.

White men more prone:

    As compared to men from various other races it is the white men who are more prone to this cancer form.


    Males can also suffer from a condition called undescended testicles called cryptorchidism.

Klienfelter’s syndrome

Another specific condition suffered by some males is the Klienfelter’s syndrome which is genetic specifically. People suffering from this syndrome are generally at a higher risk of developing cancer of the testicles and will experience testicular cancer symptoms.


This cancer is also hereditary in nature which means that if in case the relatives of the person suffer from testicular cancer the risk of developing such a dreadful disease will be very high.

Besides genetics, being one of the main causes for testicular cancer there are many other factors also responsible. In some working conditions the person comes in contact with steel, iron and many other minerals that are crude which can lead to this cancer. Some of the substances that are toxic in nature, chain smokers and those suffering from any other kind of cancer in another organ can develop cancer of the testicles. If you are able to detect the testicular cancer symptoms sooner then treatment can be immediately started.

Hard lumps or nodules:

Nodules or hard lumps in very small size start coming up around the testicle area. This particular symptom can be considered as testicular cancer symptoms that are very prominent in this cancer. There could be swelling around the testicle area, pain in the scrotum, testicle enlargement, lower abdominal pain, lower back pain, water collection in the scrotum, pain in the groin etc. Diagnosis of this disease is not at all difficult. Just a simple testicle examination can help in identifying the problem. A TSE or Testicular Self Examination is an important recommendation made by the doctor. There is a specific technique for examining the testicles.

Between the middle finger and the thumb the testicle has to be held and accordingly examined. If around the testicles a nodule is felt, then you should not hesitate in visiting the doctor. It is very necessary to identify testicular cancer symptoms first. To get the tests reconfirmed a biopsy or an X-Ray scan is also done to identify testicular cancer. Treatment can start once the cancer is identified. If treated early the chances of recovery will certainly exist. Radiotherapy, chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, hormone therapy, medication, immunotherapy etc are some of the common treatments for cancer of the testicles.