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Prostate Cancer Symptoms

In the prostrate when the cells start growing abnormally it can lead to prostrate cancer. If you have to get this cancer treated then it is important to recognize the prostrate cancer symptoms at the earliest stage. In the reproductive system in males there is a gland called the prostrate gland. Abnormal growth of cells in the prostrate gland can lead to prostrate cancer. Due to mutation these cells start growing at an uncontrollable pace leading to the formation of tumors in malignant form. These malignant tumors then start spreading to the other parts of the body, gradually leading to the spread of cancer disease.

Pain while urinating:

As far as prostrate cancer symptoms are concerned the patient can start experiencing pain in the prostrate and while urinating also there is pain and difficulty. If the patient is interested in treatment that is successful then it is very necessary to detect the cancer early. Most of the men above seventy years of age generally could be affected by prostrate cancer. It has been found that many of the African American men suffer from prostrate cancer.

Individuals consuming excess alcohol, eating a diet that is high in fat, those leading inactive or lethargic lifestyles, those who are exposed to heavy metals like cadmium, smokers, particular races, genetics etc could develop prostrate cancer and experience prostrate cancer symptoms. Adenocarcinoma is another term scientifically used for prostrate cancer. Aged men are more likely to suffer from this kind of a cancer than those in the younger group. At times if the family history indicates cases with prostrate cancer then the chances of the next generations developing this cancer can also increase.

Detection difficult in the early stages:

If a person feels that there could be such kind of a risk then it is very necessary to conduct a regular check up at least every six months to identify any problem. Early prostrate cancer symptoms are difficult to identify or are rare. Detecting this cancer is very difficult, in its initial stages. Only when it spreads dangerously to the rest of the parts of the body that it gets easier to identify it. At an advanced stage of prostrate cancer drastic measures need to be accordingly taken.

People tend to get confused and are not able to identify the prostrate cancer symptoms, since many other urinary tract disorders also can have similar symptoms.

Pain in upper leg or back

    In case there is pain experienced in the upper leg or back then it is time to visit the doctor immediately. Stiffness in the back, pelvic areas, thighs and hips can be the common symptoms of prostrate cancer.

Sexual difficulties and ejaculation difficulty

    Pain while urinating, discharge of blood with urine, pain while ejaculating and sexual difficulties, are also some of the common symptoms experienced by patients.

Prostrate cancer tests

    Different kinds of tests are conducted to identify prostrate cancer. A Digital Rectal Exam or DRE or Prostrate-Specific Antigen or PSA are some of the common tests conducted to detect prostate cancer.