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Penis Cancer Symptoms

One of the most uncommon cancers is penile cancer. It is only when penile cancer symptoms are experienced that individuals start taking necessary action by approaching the doctor for treatment. For the urologist treating this cancer can be a challenging task and for the patient, news of this cancer can be completely devastating psychologically. Since there are different kinds of cancer tumors it is very necessary to have them differentiated. The three different conditions are malignant cancer tumors, premalignant tumors and benign tumors. However penis size that is above or below theĀ average penis size, don’t seem to have any relationship link to penis cancer.

Avoid delay in treatment:

One of the most common forms of penile malignancy is the penile squamous cell carcinoma which has the same behavior as the squamous cell carcinoma as in the rest of the parts of the skin. If at all the metastasis of this cancer takes place and further on delay in diagnosis or treatment is delayed, the results can be very lethal. This cancer grows very slowly especially in the early stages and due to this it is very difficult to identify penis cancer symptoms fast. As far as the erectile functioning is concerned, this cancer hardly interferes unless and until the patient experiences abnormal discharge and pain. This cancer has progressed to being invasive from superficial. From the onset of this cancer it has been observed that people delay medical treatment.

Avoid neglect

    The main reason for delayed treatment is neglect, embarrassment, ignorance, guilt and fear even after identifying penile cancer symptoms. In the initial stages of the cancer patients try to use lotions and different kinds of creams to cure the disease externally but this is not termed as right mode of treatment.

Early diagnosis and treatment

    For some time the patient may feel relieved but as time passes the condition only worsens. It is for this reason that diagnosis needs to be done at the earliest to enable treatment at an early stage.

Visit a good doctor first:

Some of the physicians may start with various antibiotics and salves once penile cancer symptoms are identified but this could cause delay in the actual treatment. Survival can get greatly affected besides pain in penile functioning. Neoplastic and dysplastic penile lesions are generally misdiagnosed as being benign. In many of the males who are uncircumcised, and have a penile lesion, a biopsy must be done. Lesions appear on the glans penis and also the prepuce’s undersurface.

In this area many condition of benign nature can be identified and to have the diagnosis clarified a biopsy needs to be conducted. Within the penis and at times on the surface area of the penis growth, sores or lesions are noticed which could be termed as penis cancer symptoms. In many other cases besides discharge, even bleeding is experienced. It is due to HPV or the human papilloma virus which is an infection transmitted sexually that increases the risk of different types of penile cancers. In some cases even if a male is affected by the virus he may not develop cancer. Many of the men above the age of sixty are known to develop this disease.