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Liver Cancer Symptoms

There are many vital organs in the body out of which the liver is also an important organ that can get affected by cancer. This cancer can be identified by its liver cancer symptoms. The liver is located just below the diaphragm and in the abdominal cavity’s upper right quadrant. This organ is triangular shape and performs a large number of functions so that the body remains very healthy. The body’s detoxification, synthesis of bile, filtration of blood, fat processing and synthesis of proteins are some of the main functions performed by the liver.

Hepatoma or hepatocelluar carcinoma:

Different types of tissues as well as cells comprise to form the liver like the cells that store fat, bile ducts and blood vessels. Hepatocytes or liver cells make up the tissue of the liver up to an approximate eighty percent. Liver cancer is also termed as cancer of the liver, hepatoma or hepatocelluar carcinoma. Besides this it is popularly known as primary liver cancer. Metastatic liver cancer is known as secondary liver cancer. The secondary liver cancer originates in various other body parts including the liver. Since liver cancer symptoms are vague in nature, it is very difficult to notice the symptoms immediately.

Liver cancer can affect both men and women. Liver cancer detection is a very difficult task especially when it is in its earliest stages. In some of the cases the condition can be asymptomatic. As liver cancer starts advancing the liver cancer symptoms are easily noticeable. Some of the symptoms that can be seen in early liver cancer are pain in the abdominal area, nausea, fever, vomiting, fatigue, and appetite loss. Women and men display similar symptoms in cancer of the liver.

Painful symptoms in advanced liver cancer:

Breast enlargement and swollen testicles

    As far as these liver cancer symptoms are concerned a few exceptions can be seen like passing of blood through the urine, swollen testicles, erectile dysfunction and enlargement of the breast. Both the liver lobes get affected in liver cancer especially when it reaches an advanced stage.

Unbearable pain and pressure

    At this stage it even advances or spreads to the remaining parts of the body too. When liver cancer reaches an advanced stage, the symptoms can be extremely painful. On the abdomen’s upper right area, extreme pain is felt as the cancer tumor grows larger in size. Pain and pressure caused is at times unbearable.

Many of the patients suffer from jaundice the characteristics of which are yellow eyes and skin and dark brown and yellow urine which indicates that the cancer has reached an advanced stage. Due to the large cancerous tumor the liver gets damaged badly thus reducing the processing of bilirubilin. Eyes and skin turn yellow due to decreased levels of bilirubilin. Besides this many other symptoms like ascites, drastic loss in weight and appetite, fever, nausea are the other liver cancer symptoms which a liver cancer patient can experience. Bleeding in the intestines, red palms, getting bruised easily are some of the commonly experienced symptoms.