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Bladder Cancer Symptoms

The bladder is located in the body’s pelvic area having the main function of storing urine that gets generated in the kidneys after which it gets expelled. The organ is hollow and shaped like a balloon. Squamous cells and transitional cells are the two cell types present in the bladder. Wall lining of the bladder could develop transitional cells which are malignant or cancerous. Cancer of the bladder could prove to be lethal if not treated in due time and hence it is necessary to take immediate action when bladder cancer symptoms are identified.

Invasive and superficial cancer:

    Another term for cancer of the bladder is transitional cell carcinoma. Squamous cell carcinoma is cancer of the squamous cells.


    Glands secreting mucus in the bladder also can get affected by a particular cancer called adenocarcinoma.

Transitional cell carcinoma

    One of the forms that are the most prevalent is the transitional cell carcinoma. Invasive cancer and superficial cancer are basically the two classifications of cancer of the bladder.

Superficial bladder cancer

    Superficial bladder cancer affects the cells that line the bladder.

Invasive bladder cancer

    In invasive bladder cancer the bladder’s muscle layer gets affected when the cancer starts spreading. Different kinds of bladder cancer symptoms are produced.

There are many risk factors and causes for bladder cancer which produce varying bladder cancer symptoms. It is in people of the senior age groups that this cancer is generally seen and prominent in men generally as compared to women. White men are more affected by cancer of the bladder than the African American, Hispanics and Asians. Tobacco smoking or tobacco is termed as one of the main causes of bladder cancer.

Exposure to hazardous chemicals:

Besides this, exposure to chemicals like dyes, arsenic substances, or chemicals used in textile, making paints, treating leather, genetics, family history of cancer of the bladder, personal history, infection due to parasite in the bladder are some of the main causes of cancer of the bladder. Similar bladder cancer symptoms are seen in both women and men. Organs like the vagina and uterus could get affected by bladder cancer in which more cancer symptoms could be seen in addition. The prostrate gland in men could get badly affected by the cancer of the bladder.

Abdominal wall can also get invaded by cancer of the bladder in women and men. Females get affected by this cancer more than men. Symptoms like hematuria or blood in the urine, urge to urinate frequently which is cause due to irritation and inflammation caused by cancer cells, burning sensation while passing urine, pain while passing urine, abdominal pain, lower back pain, etc can be experienced. Kidneys can also get affected by cancer of the bladder. Cancer of the bladder can be associated with many other conditions like kidney stones, infection in the bladder also. More bladder cancer symptoms are experienced as the cancer reaches its advanced stage. The person experiences loss of hunger, loss of weight that is unexplained, rectal pain, pain in the bones, anemia and fever.